Intel engineers found 43 driver issues after watching one Arc A380 review on YouTube

Intel launched the Arc 3 A380 in China earlier this year and it finally found its way into the hands of reviewers last month. The consensus was that it performed okay for an entry-level card but was too hindered by buggy drivers to be a product worth buying.

Gamers Nexus took the time to make a video about just the driver problems (see above). In summary, the game drivers are sort-of alright: most newish games load and play fine. But the driver installer is so problematic that it borders on being malware, and when the Arc Command app decides not to crash, its settings toggles and overclocking utilities barely work at all.

Partly in response, the VP and general manager of the Visual Computing Group at Intel, Lisa Pearce, penned a blog post discussing some common concerns about the Arc series last week. She talks first about the minor problems with DX11 and DX9 and then reiterates the importance of enabling Resizable Bar on Arc GPUs before addressing the elephant in the room.