How to communicate Front End( in C#, HTML, JQuery) with Backend( JAX-RS( Jersey) and JAVA)? [closed]

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I want to develop a Web application in which front end will be developed in HTML, C#, and server side will be using JAVA ( JAX-RS jersey ). So, the front end will be running on IIS server and java will be running on Tomcat server. How to consume Java REST API from C#? I mean is there any way to to communicate between two different servers ?

Note: This is my second time asking question on this platform, so I am sorry if my question doesn't make any sense.

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Perhaps you can look into using the Spring framework. With the Spring framework, you can build a RESTful web service that has end-points with which your front-end can communicate. It works like the C# Web-Api, in that you can define a "base URL" and other specific URLs that you can link to a function in your Java code.

Spring website:

Some help to getting started: